Christina Cappy, PhD

Founder/Italian Teacher

I was born in a small town outside of Louisville, Kentucky. At the age of 11, I moved across the world to a slightly larger town—Florence, Italy. Although my Italian-American family only intended to stay there for a year, we ended up staying for over 10! In Italy I grew up eating delicious food and chatting with my friends on the steps of churches every evening. I learned to speak the language fluently and enjoy the wonders that life had to offer. But I also had a passion for learning more about the rest of the world and was ready to explore.

I ended up going to college in Atlanta, Georgia and Cape Town, South Africa to study anthropology and international studies. Throughout this time, I kept up my connection with my hometown, returning to Italy to work over the summers and teaching Italian at Emory University during the school year. After graduation I traveled throughout Asia, teaching K-12 students for several months at a home for street kids in India. These adventures made me interested in how people around the world learn in different ways.

After a five-day-turned-one-year visit to Bend (we know how that goes!) in 2009, I returned to school to get my master’s and joint PhD in anthropology and educational policy studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. While working on my degree, I taught Italian classes at the university and continued to enjoy working with the Italian community. I lived in South Africa for two years as a Fulbright Scholar while I did my research on high school education and became an advanced Zulu speaker. During my last year of my studies I was given the opportunity to write my dissertation from anywhere in the world—and I decided to move back to our beautiful town of Bend. 

In Bend I started teaching small group and private lessons in Italian, as well as anthropology classes at COCC and OSU-Cascades. I love teaching! I have also enjoyed continuing to go to school to master my Spanish language skills with the help of our fantastic teachers in Bend. Through these experiences I have also come to understand the importance of being able to tailor educational needs to individual people. Working one-on-one with students and keeping class sizes small and affordable are essential to any learning adventure. That is when I decided to create Bend Language Institute.

My goal through Bend Language Institute is to provide meaningful education through language and cultural studies to our Bend community. Learning a language isn’t just about memorizing words but understanding another way of life. It helps broaden our perspectives and engage our minds. Plus, it is fun!


Yu Teshima
Yu Teshima Instructor—Mandarin Chinese
I graduated with a degree in law in China before moving to Bend, Oregon in 2005. Upon moving to Oregon, I started teaching Mandarin to both young children and adults. Teaching has now been my profession for the last 14 years. The saying, “Being a teacher means being a good teacher,” has become part of my nature. I love teaching my native language to people and working with them on a daily basis. I like to make language learning fun and I hope to meet you soon!
Yuan Giersdorf
Yuan GiersdorfInstructor—Mandarin Chinese
I was born in Beijing, China and graduated with a degree of law. Before moving to Bend, I helped students learn Mandarin Chinese in Portland. Teaching my native language comes naturally to me. I love to share not only the language, but the culture behind it. I believe that communication is a universal tool and I enjoy helping people connect through language. I hope to meet you soon and let’s have some fun!
Saskia Lilley
Saskia LilleyInstructor —Spanish and German
I am a certified Spanish and ESL teacher with a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Education which I obtained from the University of Cologne, Germany (my hometown). My interest in cultural exchange and teaching led me to living in different parts of the world, such as Argentina, Australia, Spain, Mexico and throughout the United States, where I have gained extensive experience in different educational and multilingual settings. I recently moved to Bend with my husband and I am excited to share my knowledge of languages and cultural experiences with the community.
Naoko Gamble
Naoko Gamble Instructor —Japanese
I grew up in Nara, Japan and obtained a Bachelor’s in English from Osaka Shoin Women’s College. Before coming to Bend, I lived in Southern California for 21 years. I previously worked at a university as a liaison staff between the Japanese government agency and faculty of the Computer Science Department. I was also an office manager at a small advertising company and worked at the County Education Office as an administrative assistant. I am thrilled to be joining Bend Language Institute as a Japanese teacher to introduce my native language.
Silvi Galmozzi
Silvi GalmozziInstructor —Spanish
I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Spanish was the language I spoke at home with my family, and later became an important language for my career. Since moving to Bend, I have found a new and exciting career path as a medical interpreter and language teacher. When I am not at Bend Language Institute, I am teaching Spanish in local middle schools and through the COCC continuing education program. I also enjoy teaching courses in nonverbal communications at a local studio. In my free time, I enjoy cooking, baking, and kayaking with my husband in our beautiful lakes around Central Oregon.
Olga Rogers
Olga Rogers Instructor —Russian
Hello! I was born and raised in rural Chuvashia, Russia. In 2009 I graduated from Chuvashia State University to become a teacher of History and English. I moved to US in 2011 and lived in four states since then: North Carolina, Nebraska, Montana and Oregon. I met some incredible people with different backgrounds and I am constantly impressed by people who want to learn about different cultures, and learn new languages. I am excited to share my knowledge of the Russian language, culture and history.
Bagda Rogers
Bagda RogersInstructor —Russian
I grew up in Kazakhstan and have a teacher’s degree. I have travelled a lot and love to explore new cultures and languages. I’ve worked as an interpreter/translator in the past and I’m excited to meet new people who are interested in learning Russian language! In my free time I like hiking, fishing, cooking and playing piano. I’m looking forward to meeting new students!
Lindsey Bakos
Lindsey BakosInstructor —English Speakers of Other Languages
Lindsey loves language! She is a Colorado native but has lived in Bend for three years. She has a BA in Modern Languages and History and an MEd in ESOL. She has taught English for the past eight years. Lindsey has worked as an instructor in private language schools and at the community college level with students from diverse cultural backgrounds. Currently she is teaching English online in East Asia and working as a writing/ESOL tutor at OSU-Cascades. In her free time she enjoys all things outdoors. She loves camping, hiking, kayaking, reading and cooking.
Marlène Rodrigues
Marlène RodriguesInstructor — French
Bonjour! I was born in Pau, France. I studied English Literature at the Université de Nancy II where I graduated with a B.A. I spent two years abroad while preparing for that degree, one in Birmingham, England and one in Muncie, IN. I moved to California and earned a M.A in French literature from UC Santa Barbara, and a few months before my first daughter was born, I earned a M.A in Linguistics from California State University, Northridge. I am a life-long learner and am currently learning Spanish while also teaching French at COCC. I can’t wait to teach you at the Bend Language Institute and am looking forward to meeting many new friendly faces. A bientôt!
Sabah Hassounah
Sabah HassounahInstructor — Arabic
I was born in Gaza (Palestine). I earned my BA in Psychology and Sociology from the American University in Cairo (AUC). After graduation I moved to Kuwait and worked with one of the leading daily newspapers as an English/Arabic translator and subsequently became an editor and columnist for 16 years. After the Kuwait invasion, my husband and I moved to Dubai where I was the managing editor of a weekly magazine for 5 years. We moved to America 22 years ago and settled in Connecticut. I worked as a political adviser at the United Arab Emirates Mission to the United Nations in New York for 15 years. I moved to Bend two years ago.
Abdelkader Berrahmoun
Abdelkader BerrahmounInstructor — Arabic
I grew up in Oran, Algeria. I became particularly interested in the pedagogy of second language acquisition, and the intersection of culture, history and politics with content-based language learning. Before joining Bend Language Institute, I taught French and Arabic to both youth and adults at several institutions.
Through my work as a language educator and historian, I aim to contribute to a climate of increased intercultural understanding and tolerance. I enjoy working with students one-on-one immensely to not only improve their language skills but their broader knowledge of cultural practices and values.
Kyle Smith
Kyle SmithInstructor — Japanese
I was born and raised in Bend but now live in Tokyo, Japan. I moved to Tokyo after graduating from Summit High in 2015 to study at the University of Tokyo, from which I graduated with a BA in Humanities and Social Sciences. Beginning as a high school freshman, I have now been studying Japanese for 8 years as a second language. My Japanese studies have become invaluable to me living in Tokyo for the past 5 year and beyond as I begin to start my career here. I have experience as an English conversation tutor and with Japanese to English translation in Japan, but most importantly I understand the struggles of learning Japanese as a native English speaker. I’m looking forward to applying these experiences to offer fun and informative online courses in a way best suited to Japanese learners in Bend!

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