Want to learn another language with two of your good friends? We’ve had a few of these requests for adults as well as kids from the same class and they are a lot of fun. This is a great way to develop your skills and socialize.

We can host private group lessons digitally so you don’t even have to live in the same state or you can meet with a teacher in person. We have an outdoor classroom set up so you can learn in the open air or in one of our spacious classrooms at the institute. You can even walk and talk with your teacher to practice your conversation skills in the real world!

If you are new to Bend Language Institute, just send us an email at bendlanguageinstitute@gmail.com or give us a call at 541-728-3022 to learn more about this opportunity. Small group rates are below.

Adult Prices

For two adults sharing an hour we charge $48/hr. For 3 students we charge $60/hr and 4 student we charge $80/hr. Please keep in mind that the 2-4 students are in charge of organizing themselves. With these small group classes the teacher can help design a course specifically to fit your needs.

Youth Prices

We offer discount prices for youth. Two youth can share a lesson for $40/hr. Three youth can share a lesson for $51/hr. And four youth can share a lesson for $60/hr. This is a great way for kids to learn together in an engaging environment.

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy for private lessons. If a student does not show up to a lesson or cancels last minute they will be charged for this hour.