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Russian Language Courses

Whether you are planning for a trip to Russian or looking to try something new, Russian can be a fun language to learn. It is popular in over 15 different countries, where it can be useful for everyday travel, to connect with family, or even to explore fascinating literature. By learning from our native Russian speaker, you will develop a stronger connection to Russian history and culture.

Introductory Russian I

Have you ever thought of learning Russian one day? Maybe to take a trip to Moscow, communicate with your Russian family members, read great Russian literature or just for fun? But you thought the Russian language would be too difficult. You were wrong! Learning Russian is not harder than any other foreign language. The goal for the 8-week beginner course is to become proficient in reading, writing and to be able to hold a basic conversation.

Sessions – Spring 2020

Introductory Russian I will meet every Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 11am-12pm from March 31-May 21. The instructor will be available before and after class to assist individual students with their language learning. The course will be capped at the first 10 students to register, so please register at least one week in advance. Keep an eye out for future Russian workshops! You can email if you have questions.

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Russian through Art

Check back for future workshop offerings!

Let’s have some fun painting a traditional Russian symbol, matrioshka (also known as a nesting doll) and learning about different painting styles popular in Russia. We will practice painting on paper in this workshop so that you can refine your skills for future projects. This workshop will widen your knowledge of Russian culture, history and help you develop new vocabulary.  You can email if you have questions.

The Language of Russian Food

Pelmeni are a classic Slavic tradition. This workshop is a wonderful way to enrich your vocabulary and learn pronunciation for traditional Russian meals and ingredients. As a bonus you will learn how to make pelmeni by hand and get a taste of authentic Russian food. We will meet on Friday, February 21 from 5:30-7:30pm.  You can email if you have questions.

Individual Tutoring

Learn one-on-one through private language lessons. Cost is $43, the best rate in town! Purchase as many hours as you wish to use and we’ll get in touch to schedule you. Your cost goes down if you pre-purchase a pack of hours. If you buy 10 hours in advance, your cost is only $35 / hour. Use the product below to purchase. If you need to pay another way or have questions,

Olga Rogers
Olga Rogers Instructor —Russian
Hello! I was born and raised in rural Chuvashia, Russia. In 2009 I graduated from Chuvashia State University to become a teacher of History and English. I moved to US in 2011 and lived in four states since then: North Carolina, Nebraska, Montana and Oregon. I met some incredible people with different backgrounds and I am constantly impressed by people who want to learn about different cultures, and learn new languages. I am excited to share my knowledge of the Russian language, culture and history.
Bagda Rogers
Bagda RogersInstructor —Russian
I grew up in Kazakhstan and have a teacher’s degree. I have travelled a lot and love to explore new cultures and languages. I’ve worked as an interpreter/translator in the past and I’m excited to meet new people who are interested in learning Russian language! In my free time I like hiking, fishing, cooking and playing piano. I’m looking forward to meeting new students!

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