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Spanish Language Classes and Tutoring

Spanish is the fourth most commonly spoken language in the world and is important for everyday communication across three continents. And BLI we offer a range of Spanish classes and workshops that focus on conversation and travel, business communication, medical terminology and sports. We are currently expanding our program to also engage youth in Spanish speaking activities for an early start to language acquisition.


Mandarin Chinese Classes and Tutoring

With over one billion speakers, Mandarin Chinese is the most commonly spoken language in the world. It is a useful language for understanding international business, technology, film, food, and culture. Through Mandarin Chinese language courses students will learn the basics of greetings and conversation, as well as important colloquial expressions for business and travel.


Japanese Classes and Tutoring

Learn to speak Japanese to prepare for travel or to reconnect with family and friends. We offer classes, interactive workshops and private tutoring to help students of all levels learn to speak about their hobbies, travel plans, pop culture and work. By learning from a native speaker you will also develop cultural awareness of Japanese values and common communication practices.


Russian Classes and Tutoring

Whether you are planning for a trip to Russian or looking to try something new, Russian can be a fun language to learn. It is popular in over 15 different countries, where it can be useful for everyday travel, to connect with family, or even to explore fascinating literature. By learning from our native Russian speaker, you will develop a stronger connection to Russian history and culture.


French Classes and Tutoring

French is well-known for it's fluid sounds and air of romance. It is not only popular in France, but also widely spoken throughout West Africa. At Bend Language Institute you can learn the basics of French to prepare for upcoming travel, or master your language skills by studying French literature and art. We currently offer private tutoring sessions for students of all levels. Stay tuned for upcoming interactive (and tasty) workshops this fall as well as future course offerings.


Arabic Classes and Tutoring

Arabic is one of the most widely used languages in the world; spoken by 400 million people, many of them are in The Middle East and North Africa. Like all languages, the Arabic language reflects the rich and very interesting history and cultures of its people. I enjoy meeting people of different cultures and languages, and I am very excited to join Bend Language Institute to share my culture through my language with others.

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At Bend Language Institute we offer different services to let you learn in your own way. From group environments, to cultural experiences, to one-on-one study, we offer education in the way that suits you best.


At Bend Language Institute we are committed to offering quality education for an affordable price. We recognize that not everyone can pay for a full course, so we offer a limited number of scholarships based on motivation, financial need, and fund availability. 

If you would like to apply for a part or full scholarship or offer donations to support a student please contact us at for more information.


All of our small group classes typically meet twice a week over an 8-week period. Each week the class will run for one hour either on Tuesday/Thursday or Monday/Wednesday. In addition to regular class time, the instructor will be available in the classroom for one hour before each class for complimentary individual tutoring or to catch students up if they had to miss a day. The cost of each 8-week course is $435. Students should register for the class in advance.

A course credit or refund can be requested up until the first day of class. If students request a refund they will be charged a $30 fee. Students can request a 50% refund up until the end of the second week of classes, and they will not be charged an additional fee. We cannot issue any refunds after this period.

Private language tutoring is also available and can be tailored to individual student needs. Lessons cost $50/hr and are scheduled with the language instructor to meet in the office, park, a coffee shop, or library. Discounts are offered when students purchase multiple lessons in advance. We can refund pre-paid unused tutoring sessions for a $30 fee.

We also offer small group private lessons that can be perfect for families or friends who would like to learn a language together and need a flexible schedule. Pricing for small group private lessons varies according to the number of students in the group.

Language In Action Workshops are specifically designed for you to practice your language skills outside of the classroom! Workshops may include a cooking class while speaking French or a nature walk in Spanish. They are designed as single events and can be great supplementary workshops for language learners. Price for each workshop is variable.

Want to skip the books and casually practice your conversation skills with a local community member? We partner with volunteer members of the community who are happy to meet you and chat. Our friends live and work in Bend and speak a number of languages including Tagalog, Mandarin, Japanese, French, Italian, and Thai.

Just send us an email at and we can put you in touch with a community member! If you are interested in being a volunteer conversation partner for any language also let us know. 

This is a free service as we are hoping to connect the language communities of Bend. We accept donations.

Why Learn a New Language?

  • Travel

    Learning a new language is important for upcoming travel plans. Even if businesses centered around tourism employ people who speak English, learning some of the local language will help you get around in public spaces and connect with other people off the tour bus. Even basic conversational language proficiency will show your respect toward local cultural practices – and this will often result in kind responses from local people.

  • Cross-Cultural Appreciation

    Languages are also the gateway into understanding a culture’s values and way of life. Words like “siesta” in Spanish demonstrate the importance of resting after lunch, “merenda” in Italian explains the afternoon snack, and one of my favorites “umkhaba” in Zulu – which literally means a businessman’s big belly and is a sign of success! These words provide a window into understanding and appreciating another way of life that may be very different from your own. By practicing another language – and words that describe cooking, eating, nature, as well as people’s looks, attitudes and communication – you are learning another culture far greater than you could by just reading a book.

  • Benefits for the Brain

    Research studies have shown that learning and speaking more than one language is correlated with improved memory, creative problem solving, and the offset of age-related cognitive losses. The more that people practice another language and work to use it, the sharper your brain will stay! This is not only the case for children, but also for adults of all ages. For more information visit:

  • Learning a Language is Fun!

    And just in case you needed one more reason – learning languages is fun! When you learn a language, you get to step out of your comfort zone and the rhythm of everyday life to try something totally new. You get to play games, act like a kid again, and experience life where many things are new and unfamiliar. Saying “the girls are running” in German becomes a great success within a few days! Plus, you get to embark on this adventure with others. We like to host a number of social language events such as community dinners so you can meet other language learners and work together to listen, speak and live another language.

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