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Project Description

Film Critics – Intermediate Italian

Are you feeling a bit restless at home and want to enjoy your month of April? Come and join us for a fun, interactive Italian course through Zoom! In this 5-week course, we will watch an Italian film at home (Netflix or Amazon) each week and then come together once a week to discuss it. By acting as film critics, we will further develop our Italian conversational skills while building our vocabularies. This class is specifically designed for intermediate Italian speakers.

Sessions – Spring 2020

Italian Film Critics (Intermediate Level) will meet every Thursday from April 2 – April 30th from 2:30-3:45pm on Zoom. In addition, students who sign up for this class will also be able to sign up for discounted one-on-one Italian tutoring for just $20/hr. This course will be capped at 6 students.

New to Zoom? Don’t worry – we have a number of drop-in sessions you can attend to learn more about it on Tuesday, March 31 at 3pm and Wednesday, April 1 at 10am. You can join us to learn more about it and try it out. Just send us an email and we’ll get you all set up. Our email address is

Please note that we have organized another section of this class, which is full and meets at a different time. If we have already been in contact about the other section of this class then you are all set! 

Introductory Italian I

Introductory Italian I is designed for students who have never taken an Italian class before. The goal is to develop basic oral and written proficiency in Italian. By the end of the class you should be able to speak and write about a variety of topics, such as your family and friends, your likes/dislikes, food and hobbies, and travel plans. You should also be able to read directions, food menus, train timetables, and short stories (with a dictionary).

Sessions – Summer 2020

We are planning to offer Introductory Italian I during Summer Session I (starting June 8). Please check back for updates. You can email if you have questions.

  • International Focus
  • Excellent Courses
  • Focus On People
  • Learn in a Community
  • Unlock New Experiences

Accelerated Introductory Italian

Accelerated Introductory Italian  is an accelerated introductory course for speakers of French, Spanish or Portuguese, or for students who have studied some Italian in the past and need a refresher course. In this course we will cover the equivalent of introductory levels I and II within the 8-week period. The goal is to develop oral and written proficiency in Italian. By the end of the class should be able to speak about food, hobbies, family, past experiences and future plans. You will also be able to read short stories and understand the basics of Italian films.

Sessions – Fall 2020

We plan to offer Accelerated Introductory Italian again in Fall 2020. Check back for updates in the future! If you are interested in Italian, we will offer a regularly introductory Italian course starting in June 2020.

Advanced Italian

Advanced Italian offers advanced language practice for students who are conversant in Italian. In this course we will speak about present, past, and future plans. We will watch films, listen to podcasts, read fables and news articles. We will also cover more complex grammar including the conditional, subjunctive, and the remote past (condizionale, congiuntivo, passato remoto). The goal is to strengthen each learner’s oral and written skills.

Sessions – Summer 2020

We plan to offer Advanced Italian again in summer 2020. Summer term will being June 8th. You can email if you have questions.

The Language of Italian Wine Workshop

Winemaking has been a tradition in the Italian region for over three thousand years and continues to represent one of Italy’s major industries. With the help of an Italian Master Sommelier, we will review the history of winemaking in Italy. Through this workshop we will also develop our Italian vocabulary to be able to describe different wine regions in Italy, grape varietals, flavors, and wine tasting etiquette.

Our next workshop will be offered in summer 2020. Check back in the future for updates!

The Language of Italian Food Workshop

Do you love Italian food? You are not alone! In this workshop we will learn more about Italian food through the Italian language. By cooking traditional Italian recipes, we will expand our Italian vocabulary and pronunciation for different meals, ingredients, dishware, flavors, and more. Arrive hungry!

Check this page for future offerings of this class. You can also sign up to be on our mailing list at the bottom of this page and email if you have questions.

Individual Tutoring

Don’t let the current climate limit your language learning progress! Given concerns around COVID-19, our teachers are happy to meet with you digitally for one-on-one instruction. Over your phone or computer, you can speak face-to-face while sharing files, video clips, short stories, written exercises and more. Meeting with a teacher is a great way to improve your language skills through interactive conversations and exercises.

Our language tutoring rate of $43 dollars per hour is the best you’ll find in town, and when you purchase your time in advance you can reduce that rate down to just $35 per hour. With individual tutoring, you can work with your teacher to find a time that works for both of you.

If you are new to Bend Language Institute, send us an email at or give us a call at 541-728-3022 and we will be happy to put you in touch with a local teacher. You will have the opportunity to speak with a teacher about your language learning needs and get set up to learn a language from the comfort of your own home.


My goal through Bend Language Institute is to provide meaningful education through language and cultural studies to our Bend community. Learning a language isn’t just about memorizing words but understanding another way of life. It helps broaden our perspectives and engage our minds. Plus, it is fun!

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