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German Language Courses and Tutoring

Learning German can be a fun and interactive way to not only learn a new language, but also a rich cultural history from Northern Europe. At Bend Language Institute, we focus on integrating language and culture to prepare you for a future trip and satisfy your intellectual curiosity. Check out our workshop series about German culture and stay tuned for upcoming German course offerings.

A German Year – Cultures and Traditions

Have you ever wondered about the world of German traditions and customs beyond beer and Oktoberfest? Then this workshop is for you! We will discover a variety of German traditions that will inspire you to learn more about Germans and their culture. In this workshop we will explore a different season of the year to explore a mix of festive, celebratory and entertaining German heritage. Amongst those traditions are festivities such as Karneval, der Maibaum, St. Martin, Krampus & St. Nikolaus.

The workshop does not require any German language skills but welcomes those of you who are studying the German language. There will be opportunities to learn more linguistic and cultural skills for everyone.

This class will meet on Sunday, February 29th from 5-7pm. The cost is $20.

Let’s explore German culture together and perhaps take home some new ideas for you and your family!

Backe, backe Plätzchen…

This is the season – and not only here in beautiful Bend, but also in far away Germany! It is time to get busy in the kitchen to make and bake delicious treats for you and your family. The German culture has a long tradition of baking around Christmas time which ranges from Advent cookies for every level of baking skill to the sophisticated art of making Stollen.

During this workshop we will learn how to bake some of the German favorites amongst which are Vanillekipferl, Lebkuchen, Kokosmakronen, Zimtsterne and Bethmännchen.

We will meet on Friday, January 24th from 5pm – 7pm. The cost is $30.

Let’s get baking and learn about German language and traditions!

You can email if you have questions.

Private Tutor

Learn one-on-one through private language lessons. Cost is $43, the best rate in town! Purchase as many hours as you wish to use and we’ll get in touch to schedule you. Your cost goes down if you pre-purchase a pack of hours. If you buy 10 hours in advance, your cost is only $35 / hour. Use the product below to purchase. If you need to pay another way or have questions,


Saskia Lilley
Saskia LilleyInstructor —Spanish and German
I am a certified Spanish and ESL teacher with a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Education which I obtained from the University of Cologne, Germany (my hometown). My interest in cultural exchange and teaching led me to living in different parts of the world, such as Argentina, Australia, Spain, Mexico and throughout the United States, where I have gained extensive experience in different educational and multilingual settings. I recently moved to Bend with my husband and I am excited to share my knowledge of languages and cultural experiences with the community.

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