Do you remember being in school and trying to convince your teacher to have class outside?

Well now the teachers are coming together to give everyone the opportunity to learn in the open air. We’ve set up an outdoor classroom just around the corner from BLI on a quieter street so we can practice our language skills when the weather is nice – so basically 90% of July and August in Bend.

Learning outside is a fun and safer way to take an introductory class in Spanish, Italian, French or Japanese or meet one-on-one with a teacher. And don’t worry, we still have our two indoor classroom spaces at our disposal to watch videos or just to take a break from the outdoors. With our average class size of 7 students, we have ample space to keep some space between different groups to keep learning in an engaging environment. Students will also be able to Zoom in to any class in case they would prefer to learn from the comfort of their home.

Walk-and-Talk Language Learning

What if you could practice your language skills and get some exercise at the same time?

While we should maintain social distance, this doesn’t mean that we need to stop interacting and learning in a fun environment. With private tutoring you can meet with a teacher outside for a walk so we can keep our minds and bodies active.

During your private tutoring session, you can meet with your individual language teacher to plan a time and place to meet. Perhaps you want to walk around Pilot Butte, along the river, or through a nice neighborhood? Or bring another friend to join your hike and conversation? You can even decide to hit the books for half of your lesson and then take a stroll for the other half to practice your language skills in the real world. Let’s get out together and have some language practice fun.

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