Ready to help your kids learn a new language?

Recently a lot of parents have been interested in language classes for groups of 2-5 students. We’ve been having them all outside or remotely and it has been really fun!

This fall we are organizing more small youth language groups to meet for outdoor learning. We are planning groups of 3-5 students according to their language level and age. If you are  interested in joining a group or forming your own with your child’s peers or siblings, please send us an email at

Please send the grade/language level of your child and the school they attend so we can see if we can make a good match. Scheduling can be flexible with such small groups and can meet either at our outdoor classroom or your yard twice a week. We are organizing groups for Spanish, Italian, French, Mandarin and Japanese at the moment. Some of the teachers include their kids in the groups so it is nice to create a language community for families.

We look toward to hearing from you!