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Introductory Japanese (Part 2) | August 3 – 26


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Introductory Japanese (Part 1)

The goal of this Japanese course is to introduce the fundamentals of the sound systems, writing systems, basic grammar and vocabulary, and basic phrases for everyday situations. It is designed for people who have not studies Japanese previously. In Introductory Japanese you will learn proper greetings, words for meals, how to ask about family and friends, and be able to navigate public transport.

Sessions – Summer 2020

Introductory Japanese will be divided into two four-week courses in July and August 2020. If you have previous experience with Japanese, these courses do not need to be taken in sequence. Introductory Japanese Part 2 will meet on Mondays and Wednesdays from 2:15-3:15pm from August 3 – 26. The instructor will be available to meet before class for private tutoring as well. We plan to meet at our outdoor classroom when the weather is nice or our institute. We will also have Zoom set up in the classroom if a student would prefer to learn remotely.

You can sign up for this course using the link below or email if you have any questions.

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Meet your Instructor

Naoko Gamble
Naoko Gamble Instructor —Japanese
I grew up in Nara, Japan and obtained a Bachelor’s in English from Osaka Shoin Women’s College. Before coming to Bend, I lived in Southern California for 21 years. I previously worked at a university as a liaison staff for a Japanese government agency and a professor of the Computer Science Department. I was also an office manager at a small advertising company and worked at the County Education Office as an administrative assistant. I am thrilled to be joining Bend Language Institute as a Japanese teacher to introduce my native language.


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